20 Inspiring Shower Tile Ideas for A Dream Bathroom

How to Choose Shower Tiles

When choosing shower tiles, you need to consider several aspects to make sure your bathroom looks great and lasts longer without requiring major maintenance.

Bathroom Size Defines Tile Size

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The general rule of thumb here is that larger tiles look better in a more spacious bathroom. Smaller tiles of various shapes, from traditional squares to trending hexagons, are better designed for smaller bathrooms. But remember that with small tiles, darker grout makes the space look smaller, while lighter grout visually opens it up.

Choose Finish Depending on the Tile Placement

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Most tiles come in two finishes: honed and polished. Polished tiles reflect the light and look grand. Honed tiles are matte and less reflective. They are highly recommended for the bathroom floor, as they reduce the risk of slippery surfaces.

Tile Color Can Visually Change the Size of Your Bathroom

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Same as with kitchen backsplashes, choosing a shower tile color is a matter of personal taste. Remember that white and neutrals add airiness, making the space appear bigger. However, bathrooms aren’t usually the place we try to enlarge visually, so feel free to experiment with darker colors, from emerald green to black. They will make your bathroom look cozy and a little mysterious.

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To make the remodeling process smooth and lasting, let’s take a look at some of the commonly asked questions about shower tiles. 

What Shower Tile Ideas Will Trend in 2024?

A comprehensive report published by the National Kitchen & Bath Association revealed the trends that will rule shower tile ideas in 2024. Similar to the kitchen trends of 2024, the green color comes to the forefront. Alongside earthy tones, they reflect our collective desire to be closer to nature. 

Shower floors are coming into the limelight. If previously homeowners went for solid surfaces in neutral tones, the trend of using tiles of different shapes and colors is rapidly growing. People choose to experiment with patterns and tile arrangements to make the shower and the bathroom floor look more appealing.

What is the Easiest Tile to Keep Clean in the Shower?

Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are a great choice in this regard. They are less porous than marble or other natural stones, so they don’t need sealing. Porcelain is more durable than ceramic and will make cleaning and maintenance much easier.

What Tile Looks Best in the Shower?

Whether you go for the timeless classics or popular trends, there are countless options to choose from. Selecting tiles for your shower is a much less restrictive process than you imagine, so let your imagination and personality fully shine.

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