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  • Bedroom Decoration

    15 Pedestal Decor Ideas – What to Put on Decorative Pedestals

    Thomas Loof When decorating any room, there comes a time when it feels like you should be finished, but it still just seems like something is missing. You can usually identify the problem by scanning the periphery of the room: an empty corner, bare walls, flat proportions, etc. And while artwork, sconces, plants, and accent chairs and tables can definitely help, pieces that offer variety in scale to both break up and balance out the anchor items are usually the solution. Enter: the pedestal. A cross between sculptural artwork and a handy surface to prop up decorative objects, the pedestal is a designer go-to for small entryways, awkward nooks, and…

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    How to Decorate a Bedroom

    Photo: Thoughtfully designing a bedroom is one of the most important tasks when decorating a home. Since we spend a third of our lives in our bedrooms, it’s essential that they act as a peaceful refuge for relaxation. Experts on sleep hygiene emphasize the importance of ensuring that the bedroom is a space designed to foster a good night’s sleep. After following these six steps, your bedroom will not only be comfortable, inviting, and stylish but will also encourage healthy sleep habits. BEFORE YOU BEGIN First, consider the size of the room and the fixed elements it contains, like doorways, windows, and closets. Then, assess any furniture you already…

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    Bedroom Wall Decorations: 19 Decorations For Bedroom

    With every new year comes the desire to start from scratch: to clear out our interiors, donate several bags of clothes to charity and to wipe the slate clean. But sometimes, that’s easier said than done; we can’t all afford to buy a new sofa, coffee table and bed frame every time we fancy switching up our furniture. That said, we can do little things like buy a new bedroom rug or bedroom chair and even purchase some new bedroom wall decorations. Decorating your abode is essential to making it feel like it’s yours, and it feels especially important in the boudoir. No one wants to wake up to a…

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    29 Fresh Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

    Leanne Ford Interiors Farmhouse bedrooms are the epitome of cozy, and now that we’re in the peak of winter, we’re craving their signature warmth, comfort, and unpretentious style. With its down-to-earth approach that celebrates age-old decorating traditions, comfort, and thoughtful details, farmhouse style is as popular as ever. While there’s more to it than just shiplap and sticking some sunflowers in a pitcher, there aren’t too many hard and fast rules either—the whole point is to embrace what you have and reflect the landscape. A fresh batch of designer farmhouse bedroom ideas will help you bring the ethos home. From modern spins to countryside retreats, classic sun-faded cottages, and even…

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    Best scented candles for bedroom decoration in India

    Scented candles have become an inseparable part of home decor. Be it a Pinterest worthy home decor shot, or an inspo pic for your bedroom, you’ll find an innocent candle placed carefully to vibe with the rest of the space. Scented candles can change the entire vibe of a certain space. Especially if that space happens to be your bedroom! They smell fantastic, look good and give your room the zen vibe you’re always looking for. So no matter what you’re picking the scented candle for- the way it makes your room look or the way it cozies up every space, we have some of the best recommendations ready for…

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    Dr. Lori: Decorate your home with cherished family heirlooms, scrapbooks [antiques column] | Antiques

    January is the time of the year when home goods are featured for shoppers in stores and online. Why not use your cherished family heirlooms when you decorate or redecorate your home? No family heirlooms are “too precious” for everyday display and enjoyment. Display these items proudly and creatively all around your home. Highlight antique and vintage objects that remind you of family and friends of years past. Objects from events like family reunions, holidays and vacations are great display pieces, including old scrapbooks and photos in vintage frames. Consider having those old photos digitized and load them into a slide-show photo frame. Pull out those old high school yearbooks,…

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    Christmas in February? Half of Americans judge neighbors for keeping decorations up too long

    (Getty Images) NEW YORK ( – Are your neighbor’s holiday decorations up way, way too long? A new study finds nearly half of Americans judge their neighbors for waiting too long to take down their festive winter decorations. A recent survey of 2,000 U.S. residents found three-quarters believe others should pack away all of their decorations before the end of January. However, 54 percent also don’t want to be the first ones on their block to pack up their festive display. Keeping up with (and judging) the Joneses? Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Canvaspop, the survey also found that people spend an average of $213 annually on new holiday decor. Most deck…

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