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    Georgian garden design: 5 key elements for a modern backyard

    When you think of Georgian garden design it often brings to mind visions of large, grand open spaces, complementing even grander houses – perhaps seen in the great British country houses, or on Netflix’s Bridgerton.  It might feel challenging to successfully transfer ideas used on such a grand scale to a more modest domestic garden; however, there are plenty of design and planting ideas you can take from this era and apply in a backyard today – whatever its size. Follow this advice from National Trust gardeners on how to take inspiration from Georgian gardens and incorporate some of the key features and planting styles into the garden ideas for your modern…

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    How to Design a Garden That Boosts Well-Being

    The last couple of years have shown many of us just how important our gardens can be for our health and well-being. As a gardener, you have the opportunity to create a space that plays a role in helping you maintain balance in life, feel good, and bust stress. Globally, more people than ever before are suffering from poor mental health. Facing crises on many fronts means that things can often feel overwhelming. In our busy (and at times frustrating, upsetting, and terrifying) situation, we can all find hope, peace, and purpose in our gardens, and in a closer connection to the natural world. What Is Mental Health? The CDC…

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    Arts and crafts garden design: 5 key elements for a backyard

    The key elements of Arts and Crafts garden design can still be used to inspire modern gardens today.  The late 19th century movement produced some of the most influential, world-renowned gardens, which continue to have an enormous influence on how we garden today.  Take inspiration from arts and craft garden designs and incorporate some of the hallmark features into the garden ideas for your modern backyard. Here National Trust gardeners in the UK advise on some of the key elements to include if you are planning a garden with a traditional appeal. (Image credit: National Trust Images/ John Miller) Arts and crafts garden design – where to start Arts and Crafts garden design is,…

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    Garden design trends for 2022

    Oliver Bond notes he is always on the hunt for more efficient and eco-friendly ways to create hard landscape elements, whether through sustainable materials, greener logistics or less intrusive installation methods. “We have been looking into a universal pedestal system to replace mortar beds beneath garden patios,” he says. “It reduces the amount of construction materials required, decreases the impact to the garden and improves storm water management.” Planting For Ann-Marie Powell, using more plants to lock carbon into the soil is a top priority. “It negates the requirement for extra imported hard landscaping, looks beautiful and attracts beneficial insects too, so it’s a win-win” she says. “I would love…

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    Auburn student wins Lawn & Landscape scholarship

    With diligent preventive maintenance and operator care, Ace Outdoors co-owner Ashley Foster is hopeful that an eight-year replacement cycle will prove to be viable. Photo courtesy of Ace Outdoors Landscape companies have a lot of truck options. We’re not just talking about brand name, either. A truck’s size, style, capabilities, fuel source, technologies and other features all influence return on investment. Choosing the best possible machine for the application at hand should be top priority. “We try to spec our trucks as much as possible for the work being done,” says Sean Bishop, owner and president of Ground Effects Landscaping in Carver, Mass. “Up here in New England, we also…

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    23 Garden Trends For 2022 For Outdoor Spaces and Indoor Gardening

    How and what will the nation’s 30 million gardeners be growing in their homes and gardens in 2022? While 2021 was the period of experimental gardening, some of the biggest garden trends to emerge in 2022 will include a return to bolder, colourful planting choices, natural wildlife gardens, mini growhouses, boutique hotel-style features and the concept of all-weather gardening, all of which ties into two common themes this year – wellbeing and sustainability. ‘Home horticulture will never be the same again,’ says Guy Barter, RHS Chief Horticulturist – and he’s right. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, our gardens have truly become our sanctuaries. Wellbeing benefits provide comfort in…

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    These Are the Garden Design Trends You’ll See in 2022

    As we make our way into 2022, many of the garden design trends that have been with us since the start of 2020 continue. People who took up growing their own food during the pandemic continue with their efforts. Interest in small space gardening, growing indoors and out, taking a DIY approach, and wildlife-friendly gardening continues to grow.  But for 2022, moving beyond these basics means that we will see an increase in innovation and creativity, as more and more people realize just how much their garden spaces can provide. They recognize, too, how their gardening efforts can help them to enjoy a more sustainable, balanced, and harmonious way of…

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