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Industrial rustic designs are becoming a common style in most home. The design exudes authenticity and simplicity which explains why it is loved by many. It gives you a chance to showcase different elements with different designs and textures in your room. The good thing about the industrial décor is that you can combine modern and traditional decoration ideas.

Here are some famous industrial bedroom decoration ideas

Get high ceilings

Industrial interiors are famously known for having very high ceilings. This is a very popular design in factory loft spaces where the ceiling beams are exposed. A very popular industrial ceiling design is one you would find a wood pallet bed, hanging close to the ground with ropes connecting the bed to the ceiling.  When decorating a bedroom that has a high ceiling, you have to maintain balance and symmetry.

Chandeliers or plain hanging light bulbs

Chandeliers and plain hanging light bulbs are essential in creating a rustic, industrial feel to your bedroom. These are eye catching fixtures that will help you create a long-lasting industrial feel to the room. To get an elegant, regal look you need to swap your nightstand laps and flash mount ceiling lights with metal, over the bed chandeliers.

One of the most popular industrial bedroom designs includes having bare, low hanging light bulbs strategically placed at the center of the room or the center of the bed. The bulbs are directly connected to the building’s electricity through strong wiring. This gives off a stylish, bare industrial rustic look to your bedroom.

Exposed brick walls and a black floor

One common thing about industrial interiors is that they are always dark by nature. This is why you will find darks walls and black floors in industrial rustic bedrooms. To implement this idea, you can first start by getting black wood floor panels. Pair this with a black floor design to get the matching set.

One popular brick design is getting a full brick wall on the headboard. A dark red or black-colored brick wall will give you the industrial design you desire. Alternatively, you could have the brick wall painted to match the interior décor in your bedroom if you already have everything set up. Remember, if you already have smooth walls, no need to tear them down. You can shop for authentic looking brick wallpapers to complete the rustic design in your bedroom.

Get a Metal door or a plain glass pane

Many industrial décors feature a growing architectural design of metal framed glass doors. They commonly act as dividers between two rooms. In the bedroom décor section, you can find them build as separators between the bedroom and closet or bedroom and bathroom.

Before you get this kind of door in your bedroom, keep in mind that it takes away from your privacy. This is because the glass allows for free-flowing light through the two separate room. It functions well if you live as an individual or a couple with no kids.

Get concrete floors

Concrete floors are a popular and elegant way to finish off your industrial styled bedroom. They concrete floors provide you with a stunning rustic design that completes the entire look. Keep in mind that the concrete will need to be sealed. Otherwise, this kind of floor can be a bit rough and cold on your feet causing minimal health issue. Concrete floors have their benefits: they are durable and resilient making them difficult to damage. It is also an eco-friendly option and requires low maintenance.

Use industrial beds

Is your bedroom design rustic without an industrial bed frame? There are two main types of industrial beds you could get to make your bedroom into a modern rustic design:

Rustic wood is not only industrial but guaranteed to provide your space with warmth and comfort. Try going for a distressed wood headboard pared with a with a bouncy mattress and clean white sheets for an industrial feel.

An iron bed is the most industrial you could get when it comes to adopting a rustic industrial design for your bedroom.  The most common industrial beds come in black iron bed frames. Black iron bed frames fit in with all rustic industrial pieces in the room. They look good with wooden chairs, black floors, brick walls and low hanging ceilings. However, you will have to find the ideal mattress for your metal bed frame to make sure you get comfortable sleep. Check mattress customer reviews for mattresses that are made for a metal bed frame and guaranteed to fit into your industrial décor style while giving you a comfortable night’s sleep.

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