neolith’s eco-friendly sintered stone stylizes ultra-hygienic bathrooms

ultra-hygienic sintered stone by neolith timelessly styles up bathrooms 


long gone are the days of simple bathroom design. neolith, the global leader in sintered stone, ups the interior game by surfacing the service spaces with essential details that never go out of style. where cleanliness is key, the ultra-hygienic material available in different textures and colors gives these contemporary trends their sustainable, sleek and polished look. minimalistic or monochromatic, on ceilings, walls or on the floor, neolith’s application grants bathrooms flexibility and experimentation making it ideal for any professional or residential context.

neolith's eco-friendly sintered stone stylizes ultra-hygienic bathrooms
(above) neolith strata argentum riverwashed finish floors

(banner) la bohème with a satin finish

all images courtesy of neolith



the waterproof and non-porous properties pair privacy with safety


neolith’s waterproof and non-porous characteristics become a natural choice for bathrooms as the brand’s commitment to safety goes beyond anti-bacterial properties. polished surfaces can be slippery when wet and that’s why non-slip material ‘slip-no-more’  is essential for use; the anti-slip treatment can be added to any of the surfaces, regardless of color and finish. additionally, specifying a lightly textured finish, such as riverwashed, helps add friction to bathroom flooring.



furthermore, with climate change being an ever-growing problem, a sustainable bathroom is a sensible one in 2021. manufactured in a carbon-neutral environment with 100% natural composition, these surfaces make the difference. still in patterns that remain elegant, the marble look endures in bathrooms. specifying a durable, stain-, scratch- and waterproof material like neolith’s sintered stone allows any type of user to experiment with a variety of striking marmoreal designs for the floors, walls, ceilings and even vanity tops without any worry.

neolith's eco-friendly sintered stone stylizes ultra-hygienic bathrooms
neolith amazonico applied on the wall



in different colors and textures neolith combines various aesthetics for every type of bathroom 


mixing organic-effect materials such as wood with modern accents like concrete, creates a sophisticated, urbane look. both of these can be emulated with neolith’s la bohème and beton. with 100% natural composition it delivers the same look and feel whilst also being waterproof, low maintenance and easy-to-clean, essential qualities within a bathroom setting. for the users who tend to prefer more discreet designs, the color winter dala combines scandinavian aesthetics with japanese minimalism, bringing the delicate appeal into the boldness. 

neolith's eco-friendly sintered stone stylizes ultra-hygienic bathrooms
neolith winter dala silk finish

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