No Man’s Sky Endurance update lets you decorate your ships, add a crew, and encounter organic frigates

No Man’s Sky players can expand their capital ship in the Endurance update.

Update 3.94 introduces a deeper and more varied freighter base building, which includes exterior platforms and catwalks. You will also notice enhanced nebulae, deep space storms, fleets of organic frigates, and more.

Once you grab the update, you will notice freighter bases have been completely reinvented, complete with plenty of new parts and themed rooms. These pre-decorated rooms can be customized, or you can use empty room variants and you will have control over decorations.

Existing freighter bases have been preserved, which means legacy parts are fully compatible with the new set.

Freighters now feature specialist crew members such as engineers, biologists, and technicians, and hired frigate captains and squadron pilots will visit your capital ship.

Freighter farms will come with specialized cultivation chambers, allowing you to grow rows of crops, then harvest all nearby crops with a single interaction.

Freighter bases can now be extended beyond the hull, with observation decks and catwalks, visual variants of base parts can now be placed manually, and existing base parts may now be directly replaced without deleting.

While building on a freighter, preview holograms can now be seen through walls, and bases now have access to free placement. Freighter exteriors have been visually upgraded, with enhanced textures, improved colors, and high-detail surface decoration, and civilian freighters encountered across the galaxy are now pre-fitted with a variety of bases, which may be modified and expanded after purchase.

You may now construct external doors and windows in your capital ship, and place internal doors, windows, and walls.

You may also now encounter organic frigates. These living vessels are procedurally generated and come in a diverse variety of colors, shapes, and tentacle configurations. You can evolve the traits and stats of your organic vessels by feeding them from the Fleet Management screen.

As well as inventory space and general procedural upgrades, the living ship can now evolve. For example, its grafted eyes can leech energy from enemy starships, it can use neural shielding to resist hostile cargo probes, and the Wormhole Brain allows the ship a look into the economy and conflict levels on the Galaxy Map.

And finally, a new piece of integrated freighter technology has been added. Called the stellar extractor, it automatically harvests resources from deep space, based on the system star classification.

It’s not just freighters that have been updated. Traversing space via black holes is more cinematic thanks to new visual effects, you can see interstellar gas clouds up close, asteroid fields are less uniformly spread and feature a wider variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and the Starship Scanner can now locate asteroids which are rich in fuel resources. Some asteroids when destroyed may sometimes expose the nesting places of otherworldly creatures.

You can also experience weather phenomena in deep space and pilot your starship through the clouds and storms.

The planetary decoration system has also been optimized and improved with octahedral impostor technology, allowing props, plant life, rocks, and other objects to be drawn at far greater distances at a higher quality. The visual quality of objects in the far distance has been significantly improved, especially when it comes to the visibility of planetary flora when flying into the atmosphere.

With the update, you can go on an interstellar cruise in the Polestar expedition. Repair the freighter’s unique technology, uncover its mysterious past and journey across the galaxy at its helm. If you have completed the voyage, you may now end the expedition early and convert the save to normal mode ahead of the expedition deadline.

Each phase of the Polestar Expedition will reward an array of account-wide collectibles. Complete the cruise to earn exclusive base parts, posters, the Fleet Commander’s Cape, the High-Gravity Freighter Trail, a Child of Helios companion, and more.

There’s also the Sentinel Pillar multiplayer mission. This new class of multiplayer mission is now available from the Nexus. In the new mission, a Space Anomaly has issued a request for crews of Travellers. You will need to investigate the heavily-guarded Sentinel Pillars and steal the data within.

Another new mission will find you assembling the potent Dream Aerial and traveling alongside organic frigates.

Another multiplayer mission will find you teaming up to visit planets that exhibit signs of a worm infestation. You will need to cleanse worms found beneath the soil.

You can read the full patch notes at the link.

No Man’s Sky is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox systems, and will be released for Nintendo Switch in October.

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