Bathrooms Basics: 6 Tips to Plan your Bathroom Plumbing and Layout Casa BTT / Salamanca Arquitetos. Image © Eduardo Macarios Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or Although the design and layout of bathrooms we use nowadays date back millennia, they are still considered as one of the […]

Trend forecasters WGSN have labeled ‘Digital Lavender’ as their color of the year for 2023, but its calming and versatile hues are set to shape trends beyond the catwalk.  Designers have coupled the resurgence of color in the bathroom with this uplifting shade – prompting a welcome shift from the […]

An Oasis at Home: The Past, Present and Future of Bathrooms AXOR Starck. Image Cortesia de AXOR / Hansgrohe SE Share Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Whatsapp Mail Or The practice of frequenting public baths was common in civilizations such as the Greeks, Persians and Byzantines, but it was the […]