• Bedroom Decoration

    15 Pedestal Decor Ideas – What to Put on Decorative Pedestals

    Thomas Loof When decorating any room, there comes a time when it feels like you should be finished, but it still just seems like something is missing. You can usually identify the problem by scanning the periphery of the room: an empty corner, bare walls, flat proportions, etc. And while artwork, sconces, plants, and accent chairs and tables can definitely help, pieces that offer variety in scale to both break up and balance out the anchor items are usually the solution. Enter: the pedestal. A cross between sculptural artwork and a handy surface to prop up decorative objects, the pedestal is a designer go-to for small entryways, awkward nooks, and…

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  • bathroom design

    Jack and Jill bathrooms: 10 shared bathroom layout ideas

    Jack and Jill bathrooms come pretty high on a must-have list for family homes. So much so, that once you’ve had one, the prospect of moving elsewhere without a similar space just isn’t worth thinking about. These bathroom ideas for Jack and Jill bathrooms help create a shared bathroom in your home where two siblings can shave time off the morning routine, or to save on limited space within an attic or loft conversion. With a Jack and Jill bathroom, the best designs are loaded with plenty of bathroom storage ideas, easy to clean, and perfect for sharing. As well as opting for functional elements, you can splash out on…

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  • Living Room Decoration

    Fireplace ideas: 11 fabulous ways with fireplace design

    If you are looking to create a focal point for a room that’s truly game-changing, you should be browsing fireplace ideas.  The fireplace is the natural focal point of any space – from kitchens to living rooms. They’re place around which family and friends naturally congregate of an evening to converse and relax, the hub that beckons us with its welcome warmth and light, and, with a bit of imagination, an eye-catching design feature that might even have a practical, architectural role in the room, too. Below, we bring you fireplace ideas for every room – though mostly presented as living room fireplace ideas, each one could feature in another…

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  • Bedroom Decoration

    29 Fresh Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

    Leanne Ford Interiors Farmhouse bedrooms are the epitome of cozy, and now that we’re in the peak of winter, we’re craving their signature warmth, comfort, and unpretentious style. With its down-to-earth approach that celebrates age-old decorating traditions, comfort, and thoughtful details, farmhouse style is as popular as ever. While there’s more to it than just shiplap and sticking some sunflowers in a pitcher, there aren’t too many hard and fast rules either—the whole point is to embrace what you have and reflect the landscape. A fresh batch of designer farmhouse bedroom ideas will help you bring the ethos home. From modern spins to countryside retreats, classic sun-faded cottages, and even…

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  • bathroom design

    20 Kids Bathroom Ideas for Boys and Girls

    Mike Garten There’s an art to designing a kid’s bathroom. As a parent, your top priority is making it functional for busy mornings, nightly bubble baths and everything in between. Your kid, on the other hand, simply wants their bathroom to be a fun escape (from their siblings, obviously). Meet both of your needs (okay, wants) with these cute kids’ bathroom ideas fit for boys and girls of all ages. First things first: Figure out the bathroom’s color palette and overall design style. If your kid’s old enough, go ahead and ask them if they have a preference. But if they aren’t giving you any direction (or perhaps, are too…

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  • Living Room Decoration

    Mantel decor ideas: 10 tips for fireplace and mantelpieces

    Each time you gather round the fire in the coming months, mantel decor ideas will be at the heart of all these cozy, winter moments.   Interior design ideas for your mantel are all about adding an extra layer of visual warmth to your home as the weather gets colder, meaning that the fireplace should be a priority for a seasonal refresh.  Rethinking your living room or bedroom’s look for after the festive season is also about appreciating the beautiful natural changes happening outside the window, so be sure to sprinkle some seasonal magic in the form of nature-inspired color palettes, rustic textures and raw materials.  Mantel decor ideas  Whether…

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  • bathroom design

    30 Stylish White Bathroom Ideas

    Lisa Romerein for Country Living White may be a simple color, but it has the power to brighten your space. This neutral color provides any design with a sleek and cleaner look — perfect for exuding a calm and spotless feel to your bathroom. By adding white to your bathroom’s decor (or remodeling the space with an overall polished white look) you don’t have to worry about your room looking washed out. For a crisp and sparkly style, consider adding pearly white subway tiles to your walls. Adding off-whites throughout the space offers a warm feeling to any dark colors (including your black and white design combinations). Using white coats…

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