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    10 Interior Design Trends of 2021

    10 Interior Design Trends of 2021 © Salva Lopez Share Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Whatsapp Mail Or https://www.archdaily.com/973490/10-interior-design-trends-of-2021 As 2021 comes to an end, we look back at how this year introduced new normals and raised questions about what the future of the built environment could look like. In retrospect, not much has changed in regards to where people are spending most of their time. Following constant changes in commuting restrictions and the continuation of the pandemic, people acknowledged that most of their time will be spent indoors, so they adapted their living and working spaces accordingly. These sudden lifestyle changes forced people to become well aware of the fact…

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  • Kitchen Decoration

    7 Kitchen Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere This Year

    Given the increased amount of time we’ve spent at home these last two years, it’s no wonder both full-scale kitchen renovations and modest redesigns have skyrocketed. And, with more chefs literally in the kitchen, there’s a plethora of trends cooking. This year, kitchens will become bolder, brighter, and more customized than ever before, thanks to a wide array of newly available colors, materials, and technologies. From rich, high-gloss paint treatments to eye-catching surfaces to colorful, bespoke appliances, what has always been the most expensive room in the house is beginning to look like it too. To find out precisely how kitchens will be taking shape in 2022, we tapped a…

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  • bathroom design

    The 11 biggest bathroom tile trends for 2022

    If bathroom tile trends are making one thing clear for 2022, it’s that plain white subway blocks just aren’t cutting it anymore (sorry). Having long been the default for modern renovations, this year interior designers are mixing it up, ditching the plain and ordinary for bathrooms tiles that burst with personality.  “When thinking about bathroom tile ideas, I’m noticing clients being bolder, thinking less about boring neutrals and ‘resale value,’ and more around what will truly make them smile at home,” says Portland-based designer Max Humphrey. Today’s bathroom trends aren’t just about making the most of your space—they’re about making it your space.  And that’s why bathroom tiles are in…

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    The interior design trends set to take over 2022

    With the start of the new year underway, may of us will be considering whether it’s time to give our homes a well-deserved make-over.   Home renovation and design platform Houzz has revealed its top home design predictions for the year ahead, based on current trends on the site, from hotel-themed bathrooms to multifunctional bedrooms. With a community of over 65 million homeowners and home design enthusiasts and more than 2.7 million renovation and design professionals, the platform revealed exactly what Brits will be searching for this year.  Trends set to take centre stage this year include bright and bold interiors, natural materials and nature-inspired tones and luxury outdoors spaces to socialise…

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  • Garden Design

    Garden design trends for 2022

    Oliver Bond notes he is always on the hunt for more efficient and eco-friendly ways to create hard landscape elements, whether through sustainable materials, greener logistics or less intrusive installation methods. “We have been looking into a universal pedestal system to replace mortar beds beneath garden patios,” he says. “It reduces the amount of construction materials required, decreases the impact to the garden and improves storm water management.” Planting For Ann-Marie Powell, using more plants to lock carbon into the soil is a top priority. “It negates the requirement for extra imported hard landscaping, looks beautiful and attracts beneficial insects too, so it’s a win-win” she says. “I would love…

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    2022 home design colors, tile and other trends for the Pacific Northwest

    Your once-makeshift home office is now probably all dialed in. Other upgrades made quickly to stay put during the coronavirus pandemic have also most likely been sorted out. Now it’s time for home improvements not decided in a hurry. To inspire you, here are expected home design and renovation trends for 2022, as noted by designers with Neil Kelly, a design-build remodel and home improvement company that started in Portland seven decades ago. The sculptural freestanding tub and reclaimed cedar wall paneling create a visual connection with nature in this bathroom designed by Janel Campbell.Darius Kuzmickas/KuDa Photography People who seek tranquil, clutter-free homes are incorporating shapes, colors and textures found…

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  • Garden Design

    23 Garden Trends For 2022 For Outdoor Spaces and Indoor Gardening

    How and what will the nation’s 30 million gardeners be growing in their homes and gardens in 2022? While 2021 was the period of experimental gardening, some of the biggest garden trends to emerge in 2022 will include a return to bolder, colourful planting choices, natural wildlife gardens, mini growhouses, boutique hotel-style features and the concept of all-weather gardening, all of which ties into two common themes this year – wellbeing and sustainability. ‘Home horticulture will never be the same again,’ says Guy Barter, RHS Chief Horticulturist – and he’s right. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, our gardens have truly become our sanctuaries. Wellbeing benefits provide comfort in…

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