Top 5 Interior Design Tips for Living Room in 2021

What is your best way to unwind yourself after a busy day? Come home and relax for some time. But what if the environment or the vibes of your home are not appealing the way they should be? You may go to the bedroom to sleep or in the kitchen to cook food. But what is the place that you choose to relax and unwind? It’s a living room. It is a place where you spend time together with your family, play with your kids or arrange a get-together. Hence it is important to design your living room which would give you vibes of a warm welcome.

You might have discussed a lot with your interior designer or browse through hundreds of ideas of decoration on Pinterest but somehow you were not able to derive the required results.  But with a few tips and tricks, you can certainly turn your dull living room into one that is full of positive vides and warmth. Here is the list of few tips which would help you to redecorate your living room easily.

Always measure before purchasing

You have might have seen that big chandelier or big antique piece at places such as The Good Guys store and you decided to purchase it. But what if your living room is not as big to accommodate these big things. Hence the best practice to get anything for your home is to measure the things first. If you are not sure which things would suit or fit in the living room of your apartment then you can certainly consider consulting an expert regarding this. Some of the outlets and stores also offer consultation regarding the same.

Get the right color scheme

So, your kid wants a pink color for her bedroom and your wife wants a pearl white for a kitchen. Everyone would give you their preferences when it comes to their rooms where they maximum time of the day. But what about the living room? You might be spending a whole evening or probably a whole weekend on the couch itself in the living room. Hence it is important to get the right set of colors for your living room as well. Make sure not to choose more than 5 colors while coloring your living room. You can choose the colors with three different hues such as accent, secondary and dominant. Here comes your call when you need to choose the tone that would make you feel good. According to the experts you can choose 10 percent of the accent color, 60 percent of the dominant color, and 30 percent of the secondary color. You can change this ratio as per your requirement. If you are still not sure about how to choose the colors then you can certainly try the analogous, monochromatic, or complementary theme.

Choose your wall art carefully

Wall art is the first choice of most of you when it comes to decorating your living room. You might have seen people displaying huge paintings and antique wall arts in their living room. Here again, you would need to take the proper measurement of the piece considering the total area of your living room. You would not want to keep a huge wall art that would cover the whole of all if you have a small living room.

Get the right rug for your living room

Your living room is incomplete without a perfect rug. A good rug is all that you need to give your living room a no-fuss look. Make sure to place the rug under the front legs of the sofa and the other chairs. You can even consider keeping the other furniture such as the center table on it which can touch the rug. If you are ever confused about whether to buy the small or the big one, always buy the rug in a large size.

Get the right seating arrangement

You can not think of a living room without a proper seating arrangement. Choosing the right seating arrangement would always compliment the overall look of your living room. Make sure to choose the ones with the comfort and cozy feel. You can also keep a couple of cushions on it and a nice throw if at any point of the time you wish to lie down on the sofa itself.

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