Trends in Interior Colours for the Show Home in 2022

We all know that trends come and go, and for interior design, it is the same – some colours are in form this month, and the next month, they are out. It’s even truer with show homes – what’s in season this time may not be seen anywhere else the next. But that being said, some trends have stood the test of time and have stayed, so the trick is knowing what these trends are and incorporating them into your design. Some colours are more in tune with the popular psyche, such as jewel hues and natural tones with lots of browns and greens. So what are the other trends in interior colours for the show home in 2022? Let’s find out.

Colours that make you feel good

Everyone knows what a nightmare the past two years were, so it’s only normal to want to see colours that make us feel good. It’s not about what’s trendy per se – it’s just about going with what you love and creating a room that reflects your style. Of course, you can’t do that with show homes, so the point is to go with colours everyone can identify. Think colour complements such as purple and blue hues, which are brilliant at creating a calming environment. Most people nowadays want to bring healing energy into their homes, and there is some emphasis on maximalism rather than minimalism, which goes hand in hand with interiors that spark joy.

Warm hues for the summer

Another trend that’s on-point in colours is the use of ‘uplifting’ hues, such as tangerines, yellows, baby pink, and lavender and pale purple colours, as confirmed by experts in showhome interior design like Blocc. They once were seen as ‘too sweet’, but their recent use has been all about sophistication rather than sweetness. Many people have been struggling with going on holiday (until now!), so they want to feel that their homes can exude warmth and positivity with a delightful summer vibe.

  • Different shades of blue – a comforting colour we all love

If there’s one colour seen in almost every palette in 2022, it’s blue. It doesn’t matter what hue it is – it could be light blue, dark blue, and everything in between. There’s just something about blue that feels all-too-familiar, and this familiarity brings comfort whenever people see it. But it seems that more people are looking for the deeper shades of blue this year, not just on a feature wall but throughout the entire room, with a dark shade that creates a dramatic look.

Interior designers know that darker hues and shades go much better and form a richer contrast with artworks and paintings, and instead of white, it’s a preferred colour. If you’re not too keen on a darker blue shade for a bedroom, you can apply it instead to a smaller room such as a cloakroom – you’ll notice the difference right away.

  • Greens inspired by nature

Greens take centre-stage once again; just like in 2020, it looks like a trend that’s here to stay. Green is a brilliant colour that brings nature into our homes, and darker hues evoke the feeling of security, rest, and reassurance. So many people have been using shades of green to calm and soothe them, and one way to balance it off is to use it with florals.

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