Tricks To Decorating Your Living Room For A Quick Style Boost

How to decorate your living room? There are many options: buy unusual lamps and pieces of furniture, put up floor vases and clocks, buy a beautiful carpet, fill the aquarium with goldfish, etc.

Choose The Right Furniture

Tricks To Decorating Your Living Room For A Quick Style Boost

Whether you are starting with bare walls or deciding to update the interior, it is important to be very sensible and impartial in assessing the furniture that you have – how comfortable it is and how it fits into the space. Updating the interior is a great opportunity to understand what you really need: you should not cling to a half-century-old chair that you inherited from your granny if you don’t like it, are tired of it, or don’t fit into the new interior.

Be honest with yourself, and then the interior will uncompromisingly reflect your taste and views.

Important Interior Details

Tricks To Decorating Your Living Room For A Quick Style Boost

An accent is a place in a room that people pay attention to first when they enter a room. If you don’t have a fireplace, add a large mirror, piano, or large painting to accent. When you have decided on an accent, then create an interior based on it and the mood that this accent creates.

The color palette is a key factor in creating a harmonious living room space, it can be a monochrome interior or an eclectic burst of colors and shades. By sticking to the color palette, it is easy to maintain the basic idea of ​​the interior without the risk of making the room boring or too colorful.

The living room should be not only beautiful, but also functional since you still have to live in it, and not just admire. If you need extra storage space, look for items that can be folded into and that fit well with the interior. The same goes for convenience – if a sofa is beautiful but uncomfortable, then what is the need for it?

It’s not easy to create the right lighting in your living room, but the effort is worth it. Harmonious lighting can make even an uncomfortable room an integral room, hide flaws and accentuate advantages. Figure out where you need daylight and where you need an electric light. Once you have decided on your needs, you can choose fixtures that match the style of the space.

Interesting Accessories In The Interior

Soft And Beautiful Carpet As An Accent

The living room is a visiting card of any home. In it, we meet guests and spend evenings with our family. Therefore, it is important to provide this room with comfort and warmth. And what could be more comfortable than a soft and pleasant carpet under your feet?

With him, any living room becomes habitable and harmonious. cowhide rugs collection is absolutely what you are looking for to boost the living room interior. The carpet can act as the main accent that sets the tone for the entire living room. A bright, catchy product will attract attention and dilute a boring and faded interior.

Tricks To Decorating Your Living Room For A Quick Style Boost

Striking Clock

The main element of the living room decor can be a grandfather clock. Tall, like a wardrobe, they fit well into the classic interior. But remember that the watch is a very delicate mechanism and should not be moved.

Vases And Pots – On The Floor And Tables

By itself, a beautiful and unusual vase is already an interior decoration. So that it is not empty while waiting for the bouquet, place a planter with a houseplant in it. And keep in mind that a vase less than 40 cm high will not look on the floor – it needs to be placed on a shelf or stand. The same can be said for pots with short plants.


If you cannot choose one of the ready-made models from the huge assortment offered by manufacturers, then you can always order an aquarium of any size according to an individual project. To avoid unnecessary trouble, fish can be left out.

Water with decorative algae looks interesting without them and (a big plus) does not need food. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to pour water into the aquarium. Spiders, lizards, snakes can live there.

Souvenirs: Place Wisely

Often, cute little things from distant countries do not decorate, but clutter up the interior. Find a place for them so that they become full-fledged decorative elements. Collect interior compositions: under a transparent coffee tabletop, on a separate shelf between books, on a mantelpiece. Create islands of memories united by a common idea.  For an oriental interior, curtains made of light tulle or organza are suitable.


Tricks To Decorating Your Living Room For A Quick Style Boost

Particular attention is paid to the curtains when creating the interior of the living room. They make the room more solemn and emphasize the special purpose of the space. Depending on the style of the interior and personal preferences for this room, you can choose both long curtains (to the floor) and shortened options (to the windowsill).

Curtains made of brocade, velvet, silk will give the interior a classic character. Lambrequins or tulle with hand embroidery will add presentability and solemnity. In-country, it is better to use only lightweight fabrics made of chintz, cotton, or linen. For an oriental interior, curtains made of light tulle or organza are suitable. Roman blinds will perfectly fit into the urban style.

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