Tune Up Your Kitchen for the Holidays With These 5 Decor Trends

The months of what seem like nonstop cooking and hosting are upon us. That means your kitchen will not only be the center of major food prep but also the spot where guests will want to chat and hang out with you—even if you’re covered in flour, or worse.

So what better time than the present to remake your kitchen into something more functional, and far more fabulous? We’re not suggesting a full-blown makeover—just a few small yet impactful changes that will make your life easier and your guests more comfortable.

After scouring Instagram for the latest and greatest in kitchen decor trends, we offer up our five favorites. Check out this roundup of hot modern looks that will ensure your kitchen sees a happy and merry holiday season.

Bar stools don’t have to be bulky affairs that take up your valuable kitchen real estate or require navigation as you prepare a holiday feast. And the proof is in this post from @kitchen_posts_daily.

“These low-backed stools are popular because of how they combine comfort with a feeling of openness,” says designer Marco Bizzley, of HouseGrail. “It also goes great with a white or minimalist kitchen to bring out the light colors.”

Get the look: Bring some minimalist comfort into your kitchen with these sleek Carlson solid wood bar stools.

2. Show-stopping backsplash

There are backsplashes, and then there are backsplashes that will hold your guests’ gaze—so they won’t spy all that food debris on your floor.  Behold this beauty from @fireclaytile in all its midnight blue–black glory.

“Adding a backsplash to your kitchen is a simple way of bringing in design, texture, color, and pattern—all at once,” says designer Andra DelMonico, of Trendey. “Having a tile backsplash protects your wall from the abuse of daily life while also creating a focal point in the room. Because you only need to cover small square footage, it also allows you to spend more on the tile.”

Get the look: Shop the matte hexagons from Fire Clay Tile.

3. Double islands

Why have just one kitchen island when you can have two? Whether you need more space for entertaining, preparing food, or displaying all your baked goodies—a second island like this one from @knickerbockergroup can be a holiday life-changer.

“Having one large central island typically creates a center spot on the island that never gets used and collects clutter,” says DelMonico. “Breaking the island up into two adds a central walkway, improving traffic flow through the kitchen and creating more usable living space.”

Get the look: Double your counter space in a hurry with this Montana kitchen island. You could also expand your existing counter with this easy DIY kitchen island.

4. Yellow submarine door

Between all your hosting and cooking duties, you may forget to stop and reflect on all the brightness the holidays bring to your life. A pop of kitchen color might just help you remember. And you don’t even have to be a Beatles superfan to appreciate a good yellow submarine door like this showstopper from @stiltje.

“These unique doors are perfect for the kitchen door where you don’t need privacy,” says DelMonico. “Painting the door yellow gives it a cheery and whimsical feel. And the bold color choice is also perfect for the kitchen, where yellow is already a popular color.”

Get the look: First snag a can of Yellowcake paint. Then shop this collection of maritime porthole windows to add some sunshine vibes to your holiday kitchen.

5. Open pantry

Open shelves have long been a way to display favorite dishes and cookware in the kitchen. But they are also a great way to make cooking and baking easier by keeping every ingredient you need in sight.

Depending on the size of your kitchen and storage needs, you just might want to try an open pantry like this one featured by @alexisandraaustin.

“This open design makes everything close and easy to reach,” says Bizzley. “And open shelves bring in all that feel-good nostalgia.”

Get the look: Build your own open pantry in a jiffy with some walnut floating shelves. Then be sure to stock them with pantry staples transferred into some adorable Boyland jar sets.

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