Twitter Reacts To a Room With Extremely Bad Vibes



Twitter may well be a grim wasteland full of Nazis, toxic bullying, bad faith political takes, and corporations putting on the nauseatingly cuddly ‘relatable’ act via the poorly treated social media interns that have to run their social media accounts—but it can also a window into ways of thinking and parts of the world you may otherwise have never encountered.

For example—and not to dunk on the user behind this tweet—the idea that this is what the ideal ‘man’s room’ is supposed to look like:

I was pretty confused when I saw this tweet. Being a man, and having a room that looks exactly nothing like this, I thought maybe I was failing my gender. I didn’t know a gender had an ideal room type in the first place. Luckily, Twitter came to the rescue, as a number of other users popped up to reassure me and my fragile masculinity (and sense of interior decoration) that not only was this not an ideal ‘man’s room’, it was not much of a room for anyone:

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