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    Bigger, Better Kitchen Pantries Are A Covid-Inspired Wellness Design Trend

    Pantries are getting bigger and holding more kitchen items. Mary Prince Photography ©Houzz One of the trends that emerged at the start of the pandemic was people doing more bulk shopping to reduce trips to the store. That led to a rush on chest freezers to store frozen food and to a desire for larger, more functional pantries in the frenzy of remodels that followed lockdowns. The latest trends study from the National Kitchen & Bath Association bears this out. In its top five list of emerging kitchen ideas for the next three years is a “working pantry,” cited by 60% of the designers and industry professionals who responded to…

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    7 Kitchen Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere This Year

    Given the increased amount of time we’ve spent at home these last two years, it’s no wonder both full-scale kitchen renovations and modest redesigns have skyrocketed. And, with more chefs literally in the kitchen, there’s a plethora of trends cooking. This year, kitchens will become bolder, brighter, and more customized than ever before, thanks to a wide array of newly available colors, materials, and technologies. From rich, high-gloss paint treatments to eye-catching surfaces to colorful, bespoke appliances, what has always been the most expensive room in the house is beginning to look like it too. To find out precisely how kitchens will be taking shape in 2022, we tapped a…

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    10 ways to make the most of an awkward kitchen layout

    Everyone who has rented small apartments in the city has experienced at least one not-so-great awkward kitchen layout. Cramped spaces, poor judgement, and a general lack of care tend to result in annoying characteristics like cabinets that can’t open fully or an oven that knocks into the galley kitchen wall…  The truth is that there are simple ways to work around small or awkward kitchen spaces if you have the desire to plan out a functional kitchen layout. How do you fix an awkward kitchen space?  There are a lot of factors to be considered when working with a small or awkward kitchen space – but the most important factors…

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    Kitchen Magic 2021 Year in Review

    Newly available to clients of Kitchen Magic in 2021, the advanced digital Visualizer Tool brings homeowners a digital glimpse of remodeling ideas and layout before finalizing a new kitchen design. Users can choose a layout, color, and style simulation for their kitchen alongside a Kitchen Magic design consultant during a pre-project consultation or on their website. The advanced visualization technology enables customers and staff to configure, see, and experience design choices in a life-like, digital environment. As homeowners have spent more time in their homes and in their kitchens, kitchen design as we knew it has changed forever.  In March 2021, Kitchen Magic earned “2021 Best of Houzz” for Design and…

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    Kitchen trends 2022: 9 design ideas set to be huge this year

    Discover the biggest kitchen trends 2022 has to offer and the kitchen design and decor ideas that interior designers reckon will prove most popular this year. Interior design trends for 2022 show that sustainability and a greater connection with nature will be at the heart of many of the biggest decor ideas this year.  This desire to be closer to the natural world and incorporate it into our homes is reflected in this year’s interior paint color trends being unveiled by big names in the paint industry too.  You will also see this theme, amongst others, in the top kitchen trends of 2022, as handpicked by interior designers and kitchen…

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    10 Top Kitchen Trends of 2022

    Jane Beiles Whether you live in a small apartment rental or you own your own home, chances are you’ve thought about upgrading your kitchen. It’s where you prepare all your meals, entertain friends and family and, these days, maybe it’s even where you set up a temporary office while working from home. But before you start making any kitchen renovation plans for 2022, it’s worth considering the top kitchen decorating ideas trending now. Good Housekeeping spoke to 10 design pros and asked them to share the color palettes, backsplash ideas, appliances and overall design trends they think we’ll be seeing in kitchens everywhere this year. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below…

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    5 Kitchen Design Trends Sustainable Homeowners Should Follow

    Are you trying to live in a more eco-friendly home? You are going to want to understand the measures that other sustainable homeowners are taking to lower their carbon footprint and reduce their contribution to environmental waste. Of course, sustainability can’t be your only consideration when you are trying to manage an eco-friendly home. You need to also make sure that your home is comfortable as well. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do both. You will be able to lower the carbon footprint of your home and make it more livable if you follow the guidelines listed below. Key Trends Eco-Friendly Homeowners Can’t Ignore A good kitchen is…

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